Is Driving School Required in Seattle?

If you have a teenager who is about to get their permit, you may be looking at Seattle driving schools. It’s important to help them learn the driving skills they will need. In Seattle, students are required to complete courses through a certified driving school prior to obtaining a license. GoSwerve offers a unique, flexible curriculum to help your teen driver be better prepared for the road.

Attendance at Seattle Driving Schools

The state of Washington requires you to complete a driver training course. This course must be approved by the state and includes at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of practice behind the wheel.

Online safety courses and parental instruction are helpful supplementary resources, but they are not enough to meet the state requirements. Your teen will need to be able to present a certificate showing they have completed the required training before they can get their license.

Other Requirements for Getting a License

If your teen is getting their first driver’s license, they will also need to have a permit for at least six months. They can’t be convicted of any traffic violations in the past six months or any drug or alcohol offense while they have had a permit.

Student drivers in Seattle are also required to have at least 40 hours or practice behind the wheel during the day and ten hours at night. They must have a responsible adult in the vehicle with them, someone who has been licensed for at least five years.

Drivers Over the Age of 18

More options are available if you are over 18 years old and getting your first driver’s license in Washington. You may find it beneficial to attend one of the Seattle driving schools and take a driving course. As a student, you will learn the skills necessary to be safe behind the wheel and to master defensive driving abilities to avoid accidents.

You can also learn from other licensed drivers. Even though you are a legal adult, you will still need to pass the required written and physical tests to get your license. Most of the time, adults who want to get their license will utilize all of these options to be better prepared for the road.

What You Learn In Our Seattle Driving School

Teen drivers will have 30 hours of classroom instruction where they will learn about the rules of the road. Instructors will help them recognize traffic signs and learn about road conditions. The students also get five hours of actual driving time. Each session is one hour, and they will learn how to handle a vehicle on local roads and on the highways.

Each student will have one hour of observation time. They will watch another student driver who is behind the wheel. The student can choose to have more observation hours at no extra cost. Along with this instruction, they will complete four hours of driving simulation, which are held over zoom. During this time, they learn about dealing with inclement weather, road construction, and other hazards.

What Makes GoSwerve Different?

GoSwerve hires teen driver training instructors are trained to be the best in their field. We require at least 75 hours of training behind the wheel before we consider our instructors qualified to teach students. They receive more than 100 hours in total of training to demonstrate that they know how to teach your teens. GoSwere also believes that instructors should be passionate about their job.

Our instructors see themselves as coaches for the students. They help each student be prepared to handle the challenges of the road. They make sure that students become safe, defensive drivers throughout their lives.

Get Tested With GoSwerve

GoSwerve is one of the approved driving schools in the state of Washington. You can schedule the exam for the knowledge or road test online or by contacting the best location for your testing.

If you aren’t a resident of the state, you’ll need to join the Washington State Department of Licensing. You can then schedule your test through License Express. If you are a resident of the state, you can just select your test time and purchase the test.

Once you have signed up for your training, a course outline will be emailed to you. You will also receive your schedule for classroom instruction and other information you need to begin the training.

Be a Safe Driver With GoSwerve

All teens under the age of 18 who want to get licensed will need to sign up for an approved driving training course. These courses also benefit adults who are getting their first license.

The goal of GoSwerve is to make sure that every student who completes our course is prepared to operate a vehicle on their own. We want them to be safe on the road and confident in their ability to handle whatever comes their way.

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