Driving School: Teach Them Well, Keep Them Safe

When your child starts teen driving school, it can be an exciting time. They are about to embark on a path that leads to freedom, mobility, and individuality. It may even teach them something about responsibility.

Of course, while they’re really exciting about this huge milestone, you may be a little more anxious about the situation. They’re going to face a lot of challenges on the road, and you want them to be as safe as possible.


A Proven Methodology

Our drivers ed curriculum was developed to provide new drivers with the skills they need to become safe and responsible drivers. Swerve Driving School employs a research-based teaching method which has been extremely successful for thousands of students.

It’s not just the method, though. Our instructors exceed the state requirements for a driving instructor’s license, and they will work closely with each student and motivate them to become a better driver.

We also understand that real success comes when everyone – students, instructors, and parents – work together. At Swerve, your student’s instructor will work with you and your teen to make sure we’re all delivering a consistent message.


Our Driving School Programs

At Swerve’s FL, WA, and Seattle Driving School, we offer a variety of drivers education courses to match your needs. You can enroll in:

  • Teen Driver Training – This curriculum is designed to be engaging and comprehensive. Teens learn to avoid dangers and become a safer driver.
  • Adult Driving Lessons – Drivers ed isn’t just for teens. Many adults need to brush up on their skills to prepare for the drivers test in Washington or California.
  • Washington State Testing – We are a Washington state approved testing center that offers road and knowledge testing.

Get started today and discover our effective drivers education curriculum and state of the art scheduling system.


Why Swerve?

At Swerve Driving School, our goal is to do more than simply teach your teen the rules of the road (though that’s obviously a big part of it). Our instructors will match your teen’s skill level to their confidence level and really motive them to become skilled, defensive drivers.

Find the classroom closest to your location and sign up today for these engaging, fun, and effective driving lessons.