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Are you older than 18 and don’t have a current or valid driver’s license? No problem. There are many reasons to take adult drivers education courses. Whether it’s to renew your expired license or get your suspended license back, to fulfill requirements as part of keeping a traffic violation off your record, to get a license after getting the old one revoked because of repeated DUI citations or you’ve recently immigrated to the country and need to get a drivers license, Swerve Driving School offers convenient, affordable online adult driver education testing and behind the wheel instruction to get you behind the wheel and on the road quickly.

Our Adult Drivers Ed courses are conveniently offered online to accommodate the busy schedules and multiple obligations of adult driving students.

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Whether your teenage daughter or son is ready to start driving or you’re looking to obtain an adults drivers license for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you quickly get on the road and behind the wheel.

You can also browse our California Online Drivers Ed and FL Driving School pages to learn about our locations and programs in those states. As each state is slightly different in their driving license and driving school requirements, our classes and driving tests and practice offerings are likely to vary.

Swerve Driving School also provides online and in-person drivers education and training for teenager new drivers. Our knowledgeable staff is more than willing to give tips and suggestions to parents and are specifically trained on how to interact with and effectively teach teen drivers.

Why Choose Swerve Driving School’s Adult Drivers Ed and Online Testing

Swerve Driving School originated in Washington state. We now have multiple locations throughout the state of Washington and have expanded our franchise into select cities in California and Florida. We have been around for more than 10 years and have developed specialized methods proven for success. Our students have an excellent track record of passing their state’s written and driving tests. Our adult driving school and free online course testing follow the same unique, successful formula as our new teen driver courses.

  • Conveniently Online. 
    Adult students can go through their drivers education course tests for free on their time when it’s most convenient for their busy schedule. Our behind the wheel Adult Drivers Ed course testing also makes it easy to take your learning on the go, or in the comfort of your home.
  • Courses Are Taught by Trained, Knowledgeable Instructors. 
    Each of our instructors has more than 75 hours behind the wheel training and are tested on their knowledge of state driving laws. Our instructors use the same vehicles as our students do. We train our instructors on how to best communicate their information to their students whether they are teens or adults in a way that the information will be absorbed.
  • Accredited Driving School. Swerve Driving School is an accredited franchise that has obtained certified driving school status in each state where a franchise is located. We also work with local governments to ensure that what we teach adult students the most current driving laws and safety information.
  • Courses Specifically Designed to Meet Each State’s Driving Requirements. States vary in their requirements concerning driving permits, hours of driving and driving test procedures. We stay up to date on this information so that what we teach in our online adult drivers education class will equip students with the driving skills and knowledge needed to pass their state’s driving exam and get their license.
  • We do our best to keep prices affordable for students as we believe that high costs shouldn’t get in the way of a student’s ability to experience the freedom and independence that driving provides.

Adult Drivers Education Course Options

In each state, online adult driver education classes are the first step in obtaining a driver’s license. After the completion of these behind the wheel courses and a permit is obtained, adult students will need to fulfill a certain amount of hours practicing behind the wheel. Swerve Driving School offers multiple road tests and driving options for adult students as they can best select the option that works best for their schedule, budget, and driving practice needs and preferences. 

Below are the on-road adult driver education options Swerve Driving School offers for adult students in Washington:

  • Eight One-Hour Lessons With Road Test
  • Four One-Hour Lessons With Road Test
  • One-Hour Private Driving Lesson

Our online adult driver education courses in California and Florida will improve your driving confidence and increase your behind the wheel skill level. Whether you need the class to obtain a drivers license or you are required to take the class for a traffic violation or you simply want to improve your driving skills to become a safer driver, Swerve Driving School’s Washington adult Driver’s Ed course is the place you’re looking for. Our in-person behind the wheel adult driving lessons and online practice tests are available throughout Washington state in Seattle, Olympia, Sammamish, Issaquah, Mercer Island, and Woodinville. Simply select the city below to learn more about our Driver’s Ed online course tests at that particular location.

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