At Swerve, we do more than just teach your teen the rules of the road. Our dedicated instructors help build confidence behind the wheel and encourage students to become skilled, safe, and responsible drivers.

We offer a drivers ed program in Washington state that includes:

  • A fun and engaging curriculum
  • Plenty of hands-on time behind the wheel
  • Instructors who have exceeded the state requirements for teaching driving skills
  • Convenient course schedules
  • Simple online registration and test scheduling

Our curriculum is based on a proven method that helps teens become better drivers and prepare for their driving tests.

How to Get a Drivers License in Washington

Getting a drivers license is an exciting time for teens. It represents a lot of freedom and mobility, and they’re looking forward to getting out on the open road. Before that happens, though, Washington has some requirements that must be met.

  1. They must be at least 16 years old to receive a license (enrollment in driver training can happen at 15)
  2. They must complete a new driver training course
  3. They must pass the Washington state written exam
  4. They must pass the Washington state road exam
  5. Washington requires that new drivers must then hold their permits for at least 6 months
  6. During that time, these drivers must put in 50 hours of practice driving (10 of which must be done at night)

What to Expect at the Drivers Test

Our driving school is a Washington state approved testing center that offers both road and knowledge testing. The knowledge test is a 40-question multiple choice exam, and the student will need to score over 80% to pass.

The student will also need to score over 80% on the road test to pass. These scores will then be entered into the DOL database, who will then determine if the applicant has met all the necessary requirements.

Find the drivers ed class in Washington that is most convenient for you and sign up the program today.