What’s the Best Age To Start Teen Driving School?

If you have a teen, you’ll want to help them be prepared to drive by enrolling them in a driving program. GoSwerve is a teen driving school that prepares first-time drivers to become safe, prepared drivers. You may wonder when you should have them start taking a driving course. The answer depends on where you live and when your teen is ready to begin practicing. 

Consider State Requirements

Before you decide when to enroll your teen driver in a driving school, you should be aware of the requirements of the state where you live. GoSwerve provides courses on driving for teens in Florida, Washington, and California. 


Florida law requires you to be at least 15 years of age to get a driver’s permit, also known as a learner’s license. The teen must hold this permit for at least 12 months before they can get their driver’s license. Your teen cannot legally get a driver’s license until they turn 16. 


Washington law is similar to Florida. Teens must be 16 before they can get their driver’s license. They must also pass an approved driver training course. GoSwerve is an approved program. The applicant will need to show proof of being a resident of the state. They must hold the driver’s permit for at least six months before they can apply for a driver’s license, which would mean starting their training at 15-1/2.


Teen drivers in California must hold a driver’s permit for at least six months before they can get their driver’s license at 16. They must also complete a driver’s instruction program and six hours of driving practice with a professional trainer. The teen will have over 50 hours of driving with an adult, ten of which must be at night. State law requires teens to be at least 15-1/2 before they can apply for a permit. 

Even if your teen is in another state that doesn’t require driver’s training, they can benefit from the course with GoSwerve. This program provides information to help them be prepared for whatever they may face on the road. They must be at least 15 years old to enroll in our teen program. 

Provide Plenty of Practice

You’ll want to have your teen enrolled in our training course as soon as they are old enough to get a permit. Our training course provides an opportunity to get behind the wheel and put into practice what they learn in classroom instruction. 

We offer additional behind-the-wheel training if you feel your teen needs extra practice. Our programs include one- and two-hour driving training as well as special night driving practice. You can purchase larger packages in blocks of 90 minutes for a total of four, six, ten, and 12 hours. 

What Teens Learn in Teen Driving School With GoSwerve

Students often find our curriculum engaging and fun, which makes it easier to remember the information they need to know. We teach them about traffic laws and the skills they need to develop to keep them safe on the road. We also talk about the dangers of distracted driving. 

The GoSwerve teen driving program teaches teens how to make fast decisions and react quickly to unexpected situations. The driving portion of the training focuses on using the information learned in the classroom. Your teen will develop confidence in their ability to be a safe driver. 

Our instructors go through over 100 hours of training to understand teens and how they learn. They are energetic and know how to communicate with this age group in a way that helps students get excited about the training. These instructors understand their role is to be a coach and encourage your teen as they work to build new skills. 

How To Enroll in Driving School

If your teen is 15 years old or older, you can sign up for our teen driving course. They will need to pass the written test for their permit ten days before starting the course. Students must complete the course within 120 days, or they may need to re-enroll and start over. 

Once your teen has completed the course, they can take the driving test to get their license. Swerve Driving School is an approved testing site in Washington and Florida. After the teen passes the road test, they can go to the licensing office and get their driver’s license. 

Prepare Your Teen To Drive With GoSwerve

We can help your teen be prepared to get behind the wheel on their own. GoSwerve’s teen driving program will teach them what they need to know. GoSwerve offers a unique curriculum that is engaging and helps students learn information quickly and develop the skills they need to become successful drivers.

Find a GoSwerve location near where you live and sign up for our teen driving school. We’ll help you prepare your teen for the responsibility that comes with a driver’s license. 

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