Things New Drivers in Washington Need to Know

Have you just passed your driving test and are new behind the wheel? Attaining a driver’s license is a step towards independence and responsibility. Your actions yourself and others. Joining one of the best Seattle driving schools helps you become a responsible driver.

At GoSwerve, we offer exceptional driving lessons to help you become a better and safer driver. We use a unique curriculum to equip you with the skills you need on the road. Here are some things that new drivers in Washington need to know:

Don’t Use Wireless Devices When Driving

It is illegal to use any wireless device when driving in Washington. This includes sending text messages or talking on your cell phone. As a new driver, do not use your phone to avoid causing accidents.

Using your cell phone can be very dangerous, even when you are good at multitasking. When doing different things simultaneously, you are slow to react. This may cause minor or severe accidents. 

Always Yield to Emergency Vehicles, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians

As in most states, you must yield to emergency vehicles like ambulances. As a new driver, clear the way for any approaching emergency vehicle. Pull over and avoid driving into an intersection whenever you see an approaching emergency vehicle. Always wait for the vehicle to pass.

In Washington, cyclists and pedestrians have the right of way at intersections and crosswalks. The traffic rules in the state indicate that whether a crosswalk is marked or not, drivers must yield and give way to bicyclists and pedestrians. Slow down and provide a way for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the roads.

Never Overspeed

Overspeeding is dangerous for new and experienced drivers. It increases your risk of an accident, causing injuries or death to everyone involved.

Always stick to the speed limit indicated on the road for your safety and those around you. In Washington, the speed limits vary in flat, mountainous, rural, and urban areas. Here are some of the speed limits in different regions within Washington:

  • Within City Limits. 20-50 mph
  • Freeway Outside City Limits. 60-70 mph
  • Freeway in City Limits. 55-70mph
  • Divided Rural Roads. 65-70 mph
  • Undivided Rural Roads. 55-65 mph 

Drive at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour in areas close to a school during specific hours. Many school children are not careful and may cross the road without checking for an incoming car. As a new driver in Washington, drive slowly in areas with schools for the safety of the children.

Road construction warrants low-speed limits since there are workers at work. At GoSwerve, we have a unique curriculum that helps you learn the legalities of observing the required speed.

Observe the Three-Second Rule

Always have some distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. This helps you to have adequate time to react to unexpected changes. When the car ahead of you passes any fixed object, you should take a minimum of three seconds to drive past the same item.

The three seconds rule, as taught in Seattle driving schools, avoids accidents in case of emergency braking. When the driver ahead of you uses the emergency brake, you have enough time to react and avoid hitting his car.

As a new driver, keeping some distance guarantees your safety. Maintain a safe distance in the heavily congested cities in Washington to avoid accidents.

Adjust Your Car Mirrors Before Setting Off

Adjusting your side mirrors before you start driving improves the clarity of objects behind you. Your side mirrors should be well positioned to help you overtake or reverse without hitting surrounding areas. 

At Swerve Driving School, we equip you with the knowledge to adjust your mirrors before setting off. We have practical lessons to help you acquire the necessary skills.

Don’t Rubberneck

“Rubbernecking” involves staring at distractions or accidents on the road as you drive past. As a new driver, you may get distracted by accidents on the road and lose concentration, causing an accident. No matter how curious you may be, always focus on driving safely.

Never Drive Under the Influence of Drugs

Driving under the influence affects your judgment and increases your risk of getting into an accident. Medications can leave you tired and likely to fall asleep while driving. This lowers your control and increases your risk of an accident.

Get Driving Lessons From the Best Seattle Driving Schools

As a new driver in Washington, observing basic traffic rules avoids accidents and promotes your safety. At GoSwerve, we equip you with the skills to drive safely with quality Driver’s Education. We are among the best Seattle driving schools offering quality driving skills. We aim to create safer and better drivers in Washington. Contact us to register for your driving course today. We will help you gain confidence in your driving skills. Don’t wait to start your course at GoSwerve.

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