The Benefits of Learning to Drive from Police Officers

The Benefits of Learning to Drive from Police Officers | Swerve Driving SchoolDriving lessons are required before getting a driver’s license. It is vital that new drivers learn how to operate a car and understand the laws to keep everyone on the roads safe.

When it comes to getting the best education, not every driving school is the same. At Go Swerve, we employ trained police officers to teach our classes. We believe that this provides four key benefits to our students that they cannot get anywhere else; a better understanding of the law, a different perspective to the laws, the ability to provide real-life experience, and a better connection between the officers and community

1. More Understanding of the Law

Police officers have a deeper understanding of the law and must know it inside and out so that they can enforce it exactly and within the laws. Officers have more training in the laws because of this and stay up to date on which laws have been changed.

While driving instructors at other schools may keep informed on changes, they don’t have to enforce it which means they don’t have the same understanding as an officer.

2. A Different Perspective

Those driving on the road are going to have a different perspective than those tasked with enforcing the law. Having someone to provide students with an understanding of the laws and the reasons behind them can help students drive better.

Normally, when people can see the reasoning behind the rules, they are more willing to follow them.

3. Real-life Experience

Part of driver’s education means teaching students the seriousness of their responsibility behind the wheel. To prevent drunk driving and driving distracted, teachers use tactics such as drunk goggles and show relevant videos of crashes from drivers who failed to be responsible.

Officers may choose to use these tactics as well, but they can also provide real stories from personal experiences. Hearing first-hand accounts is a much more effective teaching tool.

4. A Better Connection

Having officers interact with students is a great way to build respect and understanding between the two parties. When students understand how difficult it can be to be in law enforcement and the officer can understand the difficulties of students, bridges are built.

It’s also a great opportunity for the students to form a relationship with an officer that will last much longer than the classes.

Finding the Right School

If you are interested in learning more about taking driving classes from a trained police officer, visit our site to find a school location near you. We are always happy to talk about the education process, curriculum, or answer any of your questions.

There are online courses and options to purchase extra time and instruction too. Whether you are looking for yourself or a new teen driver, we can provide the best driver’s education available. Come see the difference a trained police officer can make in learning to drive.

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