How to Prepare Your Teen for Driving School

Before you find a teen driving school for your soon-to-be driver, you want to be sure they are prepared for what they will experience. Your goal is for them to be a safe driver when you aren’t in the vehicle with them. GoSwerve provides programs that help your teen be prepared for their permit and driving practice.

What Your Teen Learns

GoSwerve wants to help educate teenagers so they can be safe drivers out on the roads. Our staff has a lot of experience in teaching this age group; we know how to help them stay engaged and learn the information.

Our teen driving school programs focus on safety, which includes understanding the dangers that come from distracted driving. They will learn how to operate a vehicle and the traffic laws of their state. Your teen will develop a strong foundation that will keep them safe on the highways throughout their lives.

Know What To Expect

You can enroll your teen in GoSwerve driving school if they are at least 15 years old. They will be required to attend 34 hours of instruction in the classroom. After getting their permit, they also will have five one-hour sessions of practice driving behind the wheel Along with these sessions, they will have at least one hour to observe another teen who is driving.

Your teen will also perform four hours of driving simulation over a zoom meeting. They will learn about dealing with road construction and hazardous road conditions.

Your teen driver will need to complete their teen driver training course within 120 days from the time they start. They will need to have two different practice drives by the last class.

Getting a Permit

To complete your coursework with GoSwerve, your teen will need to have a driving permit. They can pre-apply once they have enrolled in our course. After you pre-apply, you will receive a WDL number, which you must provide to the driving school.

The next step is to enroll within ten days of the course starting. You will receive your permit, which allows you to practice driving on the roads. You will receive a temporary permit immediately which you can print if you apply online. A regular permit will be mailed from the licensing office. If you apply in person, you will receive the permit at that time.

Getting a License

GoSwerve is recognized as a testing site to allow your teen to take the road test for their driver’s license by the time they are 16 years old. First, your teen must pass their New Driver Training course, which includes getting the permit and driving for at least 50 hours. Ten of those hours must be at night. You must have the permit for at least six months before you can get your driver’s license.

Tips To Help Your Teen

 Your teen cannot be more than ten minutes late to a class or they will miss the session. You’ll want to stress the importance of being on time even with online sessions. Attendance will be taken at least three times per class. Your teen must be present for the entire class or they won’t receive credit.

For in-person classes, your teen will sign the attendance log and be expected to stay for the entire session. While up to six absences are allowed with online classes and four for in-person classes, each one must be made up. Prepare your teen for this expectation and emphasize the importance of making the course a priority in their schedule.

Drives must be scheduled and they must be at least ten days apart. Your teen must provide sufficient notice if they are unable to make the drive and need to reschedule.

Teen Driving School: Dedication to Learning

Learning to drive takes time and practice. Your teen needs to make sure they have sufficient time in their schedule to complete all required instruction and practice. If they miss any necessary requirements, you will be required to pay extra for drives or retake the course.

Your teen needs to plan for practice time outside of their drives with GoSwerve instructors. You and your teen should coordinate times for them to get behind the wheel to practice what they learned in class. After each drive with a GoSwerve instructor, your teen will receive a list of priorities for practice that needs to be completed before their next scheduled drive.

Once your teen completes the required training, they should be ready to take their knowledge and skills tests to get their driver’s license. There is no rush if they don’t feel ready. They can schedule the testing at a GoSwerve location after they have practiced sufficiently at home.

If you’re ready for your teen to learn to drive safely, contact GoSwerve at a location near you to join the driver’s education program. We’ll help you prepare your teen driver for the responsibility of being behind the wheel.

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