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Are you looking to get a Washington State driver’s license? GoSwerve is here to help. We offer advanced Drivers Ed Washington State residents can rely on to become better drivers and acquire a valid license. Teens and adults looking for a driver’s license in Washington State have many options. You can earn an instruction permit, take a driver training course, and apply for a knowledge test. Adults who know how to drive can also bypass some steps.

Washington State Drivers License for Teens

Getting a Washington State driver’s license is unique for teens because it involves acquiring an instruction permit. Teens 15-17 years will also need a mandatory driver training course and must pass the knowledge and drive test. Here’s what you should know:

  •   You should be 16 years or older by the time the license is issued
  •   Applicants must be a resident of WA (The license will show the residence address).
  •   You must complete an approved driver training course approved by the state.
  •   Applicants must have a Washington State instruction permit.
  •   You must have zero convictions for traffic violations within the last six months.
  •   Applicants should have no conviction for alcohol or drug offense while holding the instruction permit.

To get a Washington State driver’s license, you’ll need to get an instruction permit and hold it for six months. You can then complete a driver training course with an approved school like GoSwerve. The training must include at least 40 hours of daylight driving and 10 hours of night driving. Driving training is accomplished under the watch of an experienced driver (licensed for 5+ years). You can then take and pass the driving test at any approved driver training and testing location.

Washington State Drivers License for Adults

Adults over 18 years can follow the same steps as teens but don’t need instruction permits. If you already know how to drive, you may not need a driver training course. The training is vital for anyone who wishes to practice before attempting the driving test. Applicants who’ve never driven a car before also need a driver training course. The application should be simple enough if you’re eschewing the instruction permit and driver training course. All you need is to pass the knowledge and drive test. Follow these steps:

  •   Pre-Apply Online: You can pre-apply for a driver’s license with the Washington Department of Licensing. Pre-applying will save you time at the licensing station.
  •   Pass Your Knowledge Test: Take a knowledge test at an approved testing location. The test features 25 questions, and you must get at least 20 right to pass.
  • Apply for License: Applicants who pass the knowledge test can apply for a driving license at the licensing office. Make sure you bring your SSN and proof of identity. You must also pass an eye exam and pay related fees.
  •   Schedule a Drive Test: Drivers license applicants must pass a driving test at an approved testing station. 
  •   Finalize Application: After passing the driving test, you can finalize the license application in person at the licensing office or online. Only applicants who’ve held an instruction permit with no violations can apply online.

Taking Your Driver Training Course

While some people can go straight to the knowledge and drive test, most applicants will require training. Driving laws are unique in each state, and self-learning may not be sufficient. Applicants looking to become better drivers can leverage Drivers Ed Washington State schools like GoSwerve to learn important skills required to become a better driver. The goal is to grasp all skills needed to ensure safety on the roads. 

Driving schools like Swerve offer unique curricula to equip drivers with the latest preventative and reactionary skills. After the training, you’ll be a skillful driver who can follow all regulations and anticipate the actions of other drivers. You’ll also know what to do in case of an incident. GoSwerve also offers defensive driving courses for adults and boasts more than 10,000 graduates who’ve become licensed to drive in Washington State.

Drivers License for Applicants with Out-of-State Licenses

If you have a driver’s license from another state, you can transfer the out-of-state license to WA. You’ll need proof of identity, including a social security number and residency in Washington, and an out-of-state driver’s license. The licensing department also charges a $35 application fee or $54 for Class D licenses. Here are the steps for transferring your license:

  •   Visit the nearest department of licensing office and submit your ID and other required documents. 
  •   Pass the eye test and surrender the out-of-state license. The DOL will take your photo and application payment before offering a temporary driver’s license.
  •   You’ll receive the official license via mail within ten days of application if you’re applying for a Washington Class D license.

Reputable Drivers Ed Washington State Curriculum

Adults looking for a Washington State driver’s license have four main options. You can take a driver training course, which is the recommended option. Alternative options include learning from a licensed driver with at least five years of experience or transferring a license acquired from another state. 

You can also avoid all other steps bypassing the required test, but you risk missing out on special skills taught in driving courses. The best way to get a Washington State driver’s license is by completing an approved driver training course. At GoSwerve, we provide comprehensive training for teens and adults. Our curriculum also features defensive driving for adults.


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