Do I Need a Permit to Take Driving Lessons?

If you have a teenager in the house, they are probably getting excited about taking driving lessons to get their driver’s license. Perhaps you’re an adult who wants to get your license and wonder if you need a permit before starting the lessons. GoSwerve offers driving lessons for both teens and adults to help them prepare for their driving test.

Getting Your Permit for Driving Lessons

Before you are legally allowed to practice driving on the roads, you must have a driver’s permit. This permit shows that you have a basic knowledge of the laws of the road to help you be safe when you’re behind the wheel. Even if you are an adult, you will need to get a permit before you can practice driving. 

GoSwerve allows you to sign up for driver training before getting a permit. You will need to have your permit before you can complete the teen driving school classes and in-person drives. You must be at least 15 years old to take the course.

Once you enroll in the program, you should plan to get your permit ten days before the class starts. After completing the classes and driving lessons, you will need to pass the driving test to prove your driving knowledge. After you have had your permit for six months and completed the required number of hours of practice, you can get your driver’s license.

You won’t need a permit to begin the course with GoSwerve. You can begin the class even without the permit, but you will need it by class three and for all scheduled drives.

How To Get Your Permit for Driving Lessons

To get your permit, you will need to sign into the Department of Licensing and pre-apply for your permit. Once you fill out the registration form, you will receive a DLN number.

After you get the DLN number, you will need to update the student account with GoSwerve. Once you are within ten days of starting the course, you will be able to get your permit.

If you aren’t enrolled in a driving course, you must wait until you are 15-1/2 to apply for one. You will need to take a knowledge test and complete the Traffic Safety Education course. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a driver’s license until you turn 18.

You can decide whether you want a photo on your permit. If you don’t need one, you can complete the process online. If you decide to have a photo added, you will need to verify your identity in person.

Once you have completed the application for a permit, it will be mailed to you. Expect to receive it in about 7 to 10 days in the mail. You cannot participate in the physical driving lessons with GoSwerve or drive with any other adult passenger without a permit. Otherwise, you could receive a ticket for driving without a license.

Start Your Driving Lessons With GoSwerve

Once your teen has their permit, they can begin the driving portion of the course. The goal of GoSwerve is to help your teen become a safe driver, giving them the confidence to handle the unexpected when it happens.

Our course focuses on the basics of driving with instructors who have experience teaching in an engaging way. Some of the things your teen will learn in our training are how to obey traffic laws, the dangers of being distracted while driving, and the fundamentals of operating a car.

The instructors not only meet but also exceed state requirements for teaching a driving course. Our course schedules are convenient with road testing included to help your teen feel prepared to pass their driver’s test. Before you can get your license, you will need to complete the driving course, pass the state’s written and road exams, and have a permit for at least six months.

Once you have your permit, you will need 50 hours of driving practice before you can get your license. Of those 50 hours, at least 10 must be at night. GoSwerve provides five hours of behind-the-wheel instruction along with the required 30 hours of classroom instruction. The other practice hours must be with an adult who has at least five years of experience driving.

To better equip your teen for driving, GoSwerve includes one hour of observation time and four hours of driving simulation. The hour of observation allows your teen to get an idea of what it is like to drive with an instructor beside them.

The simulation time teaches your teen about hazardous road conditions and road construction, along with other unexpected situations they may encounter. Driving simulation allows them to practice in a safe place.

If your teen is ready to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and learn to drive, make sure they get their permit first. Then, choose GoSwerve driving lessons to help them be prepared as safe and knowledgeable drivers.

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