The 5 Best Habits of Proactive Driving

The 5 Best Habits of Proactive Driving | Swerve Driving School

Many drivers on the road are only thinking about getting from point A to point B. It can be hard to stay safe on the roads when people aren’t paying good enough attention to their surroundings. Proactive drivers are always staying aware and thinking about safety. If you are interested in developing new habits for proactive driving, try these five things to change.

Safety First

Proactive drivers are thinking about safety from the moment they enter the vehicle. The first step to staying safe is using seat belts and making sure that all the passengers in their car are properly restrained too. Don’t ever start driving until everyone is ready to go.

Other ways you can focus on safety include following traffic laws, driving within the speed limit, and maintaining a safe distance between cars.

Avoiding Aggression

Drivers who are proactive aren’t aggressive. Aside from driving too fast, don’t cut in front of other drivers, never tailgate or get agitated, and never engage angry drivers with bad behavior. If another driver is harassing you and trying to harm you, call the police. These situations can endanger you and other drivers on the road.

Anticipate Problems

When you approach an intersection, it is important to anticipate what other drivers will do. If you arrived first and have the right-of-way and another driver starts entering the intersection, don’t just drive through anyway. Also, when your light turns green, look around before going through the intersection. It is a good idea to anticipate what other drivers are doing to avoid a collision.

If there is any sort of confusion, try communicating with the other drivers by motioning for them to go, using a signal to show your intended movements, and using the proper turning lanes.

Plan Ahead

Knowing that there are potential problems while traveling will help you drive proactively. Try not to drive the same speed as the cars in the lanes next to you. If you block the road for other drivers or find yourself in the middle lane surrounded by vehicles, you have nowhere to go if something goes wrong.

Do your best to drive with an escape plan in mind, just in case you have a tire blow, a car by you loses control, or there is a collision, you have a way to stay safe.

Don’t Drive Distracted

One of the biggest hazards drivers deal with on the road is driving distracted. It is important to stay focused on the road and everything that surrounds you. Watching for pedestrians, cars slowing or stopping in front of you, and other drivers changing lanes requires paying attention. Ignore your phone, keep passengers under control, and avoid messing with anything on your dashboard too much. To be proactive, you must stay focused.


If you are looking to stay safe on the road, the best thing you can do is develop these proactive habits. Staying alert and driving defensively are the best ways you can get to your destination safely while keeping everyone around you safe too.

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