Is Driver’s Ed Important Even If You Don’t Have a Car?

You may wonder if you need to take drivers ed if you don’t have your own car. You might be surprised to find out about all the advantages that a course from Swerve Driving School can provide. Here are a few reasons taking one of our courses will benefit you now even without your own vehicle. 

Follow the Law

Driver’s education is required by law for new drivers in Washington. Before you can get your driver’s license, you must pass a new driver training course. You must show the certificate you receive after passing the exam when you get a license. Even if you don’t have your own vehicle, you may want to drive your parents or a friend’s vehicle. You will need to complete the driver’s education course and pass the test before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Swerve Driving School is a testing center approved by the state. We provide the written exam and driving test you must take as part of the licensing process. The written test includes 40 multiple-choice questions. These questions focus on the rules of the road and common situations you will encounter as a driver. The driving portion of the test demonstrates your knowledge of what was taught in the classroom instruction and with the driving instructor. 

Become a Safer Driver

Swerve Driving School does more than just teach you how to drive. It teaches you how to be a safe driver. The teen driver course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction. You will learn the state laws for driving. You will also learn how to avoid accidents and how to handle the unexpected.

The four hours of driving simulation teach you about road hazards, dealing with road construction, and other situations that you may experience as a licensed driver. Even if you don’t drive often, safety is a priority. By learning the rules of the road, you can feel confident any time you get behind the wheel. 

Build Confidence

Many drivers find it frightening the first time they get behind the wheel. With a driver’s education course, you have an experienced trainer beside you to direct you on what to do. 

Swerve Driving School provides five hours of driving instruction in a vehicle as part of our teen driver course. This training gives you multiple opportunities to practice driving in various situations. You’ll practice dealing with city traffic as well as driving on the highway. The driving practice can be valuable if you don’t have your own vehicle, as it gives you the chance to get more comfortable behind the wheel.

The more you practice driving, the more confident you’ll feel when you take your test and begin driving. Most students feel nervous when they take the driving test. If you have plenty of opportunities to practice, you may not worry as much about forgetting a skill.

We also include the driving simulation for situations you may not experience firsthand during your practice. You learn how to handle hazardous situations virtually. This gives you more confidence that you will remember the skills when you get your own vehicle. 

Pass the Driver’s Test

When you enroll in a drivers ed course, you gain the knowledge necessary to pass the written and driving portions of the test to get your license. The classroom instruction with Swerve Driving School’s course will help you remember information, such as who gets to go first when two cars reach an intersection at the same time.

Our driving instruction helps you get comfortable behind the wheel, so you can pass the driving portion of the test. Our instructors will correct any mistakes and give you the chance to work on weak skills until you can do them every time. You must score 80% or higher on both the written and driving tests. If you don’t have your own car to practice driving with, our courses can be a valuable way to learn the information to pass the driver’s test.

Begin Your Drivers Ed Course With Swerve Driving School

Whether you have a car now or plan to buy one in the future, driver’s education can help you learn everything you need to get behind the wheel. Let Swerve Driving School teach you the skills to become a safe, confident driver. We have moved away from a traditional curriculum to a program that helps you learn faster and begin using the skills for driving sooner. 

You can start enjoying the benefits of driver’s ed training with Swerve Driving School when you sign up online for one of our courses. We offer engaging instruction and practical hands-on practice with our courses for teen and adult drivers. We’ll help you develop confidence in your driving and learn skills to handle various situations. Our courses help make it easier to pass the test to get your license. 

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