Seattle Driving School

Swerve Driving School of Seattle

Complete your coursework and get prepared for the written and road tests at SWERVE’s Seattle driving school. We have classes for teen and adult drivers, and we make it easy to get enrolled and get started no matter how busy your regular schedule is.

Our professional driving school is staffed with experienced and dedicated instructors who have spent years developing a fun and engaging learning environment. You can get started today and build the fundamentals you need to be a great driver.

Why Enroll with SWERVE in Seattle?

SWERVE in Seattle offers a curriculum that was designed to move away from a lot of the more conventional methods of driver’s education. We want to make sure our students have an opportunity to participate in a supportive and engaging learning environment while developing the defensive driving skills they need to stay safe out on the road.

We have classes designed for both teens and adults, and each of them features a more relevant learning methodology that will produce better drivers.

New teen drivers will develop a strong foundation in safe, defensive driving techniques, while adults who already have a license can use these classes as a chance to improve their collision-avoidance skills and build their confidence behind the wheel.

This may also be a way to address any violations on your driving record (be sure to check with your insurance company to see if this is an option).

We are dedicated to your success and look forward to seeing you hit the road.

Working with Parents to Create Better Drivers

We believe that teaching teens to drive is a very serious responsibility, and to produce the best drivers, it requires the combined effort of the instructors, students, and parents.

At SWERVE, we encourage parents to keep in touch and make sure that their kids are developing their skills and knowledge. Feel free to check in any time and see how their driver’s education is progressing.

Don’t Wait to Get Started

Are you ready to get your driver’s license and become a safe, defensive driver? Take a look at the packages available for teens or adults at this Washington driving school or give us a call to learn more.


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Swerve Driving School offers a variety of driving programs to meet your needs.

New Driver Training: 30 hours of classroom, 6 behind the wheel sessions, 1 knowledge test

Adult Drives: Offered in one hour increments. Packages are available.

WA State Testing: Road Testing and Knowledge Testing . Don't wait! Offered by appointment.

Fleet Training Services: Training for companies that have employees that require the use of company vehicles

Continuing Education: Continuing Education offered to WA state licensed Driving Instructors