Two Reasons to Take Advanced Driver Training

Reasons to take Advanced Driver Training

Vehicle commercials often give the message that having the latest technology in the car is the best way to stay safe on the road. While this helps consumers feel drawn to those vehicles, it isn’t a completely accurate idea. What makes people safer on the road is better driving skills. No technology in the world can function like the brain and stop all dangerous behaviors from happening, but education can make a big difference. Here are two of the main reasons that advanced driver training makes all the difference.

Better Techniques

Drivers who take an advanced driver training course are learning about bad behaviors behind the wheel. Basic drivers training classes cover what the laws are and how to operate a vehicle. While they do their best to teach all these areas, they do not spend as much time teaching a driver defensive techniques, like looking ahead to anticipate other driver’s moves, how to maneuver a car most efficiently and safely, or how to correct the most common driver errors. This may make the biggest difference since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that more than 90% of car crashes are caused by basic driver errors.

Learning correct behaviors and having the skills to anticipate problems can make the biggest difference in driver safety. Knowledge is power, helping drivers feel more confident behind the wheel and more empowered to handle emergency situations. Knowing how to maneuver a vehicle is only part of teaching someone to drive. Staying safe on the road has larger repercussions for all drivers.

Save Money

Taking an advanced driver training course can save you money in the short- and long term. Many insurance companies will offer a discounted rate for new drivers when they take a defensive driving course. This is because these drivers are more prepared to operate a car and generally drive safer. Saving money with a new driver is a big deal since these premiums are often quite expensive.

Some insurance companies also offer a discounted rate on insurance to adult drivers who go and take an adult driving class that teaches these same skills. Learning these skills once a driver has experience on the roads gives them more context to remember the material taught.

A way to save money in the long term is by preventing car crashes. When a driver is responsible for a car crash, there are several different financial obligations they pay, including traffic tickets, car repairs, and increased insurance premiums. By avoiding car crashes, drivers can save a lot of money in the long term.

Start on the Right Foot

Education is the first point on the road to licensure, so why not take the most effective classes? For parents looking for the best driving classes for their teens or adults learning to drive, choose the option that increases safety and saves money overall. Investing in the best way to stay safe on the road isn’t in vehicle technology, it is in advanced driver’s training courses.

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