The Most Common Traffic Tickets in Washington

Traffic tickets are a reality for many drivers. Whether it is a one-time offense or a regular habit, breaking driving laws can be dangerous and incur consequences. Learn more about the most common traffic violations in Washington and find out how a driving school can help you stay safe and avoid the fines and other expenses that come with tickets.


Driving faster than the speed limit is Washington’s most common traffic violation. The fee for a speeding ticket varies, but expect to pay between $100 and $400. Speeding is dangerous and can lead to severe collisions, so the hassle of a speeding ticket is just part of why speeding is a problem.

HOV / Carpool Lane Violation

Carpool lanes are intended to reduce traffic congestion and help people reach their destination more quickly by driving together and reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Illegally driving in an HOV or carpool lane can result in a ticket. A first-time offender can incur a $186 fee for driving solo in the carpool lane.

Negligent Driving

Endangering people or property or driving while under the influence are examples of negligent driving. Depending on the specific circumstances, a negligent driving violation can be considered a criminal offense that results in hefty fines and potential jail time.

Different Types of Violations

Most traffic violations are classified as moving or nonmoving. Moving violations will stay on your record for five years and cause your insurance rates to increase. Your driver’s license may be revoked if you repeatedly rack up moving violations. Speeding, carpool lane violations, and negligent driving are all considered moving violations in Washington. The best way to avoid moving violations is to learn the law and proper driving techniques from the start. Teen driver’s education aims to help young drivers learn the rules, follow the law, and establish good and safe driving habits.

Safety First

You can avoid the fees and hassle that come with traffic violations by driving safely and not breaking the law. Enrolling in driver’s education will ensure you learn the rules of the road and understand how to operate a vehicle safely. Traffic tickets may be considered an inconvenience, but they are entirely avoidable. Whether you want to learn or brush up on your knowledge or if you need to reduce points or regain your license, driving school is an effective solution.

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