Worry Free Guarantee

We know this is an exciting time. Your teen is of driving age! However, with this new milestone comes new worries’ regarding your teen’s safety. Have the peace of mind you seek by enrolling your teen with SWERVE. Our innovative curriculum and expert driving instructors will provide your teen with the skill set needed to be a safe, responsible driver.

We believe in our programs so strongly, we are now offering the Worry Free Guarantee. With SWERVE’s Worry Free Guarantee, we will refund 100% of your paid tuition if your teen has an at-fault collision within six months from the start date of their New Driver Training Program. Take a deep breath and know you made the right decision.

WFG Terms and Conditions:


  1. By purchasing SWERVE’s New Driver Training Program you are eligible for a refund of the tuition paid if the student is involved in an at-fault collision within six months from the start date of their New Driver Training Program.
  2. To be eligible for the guarantee, within the applicable Worry Free Guarantee period, Student must provide proof of (a) a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit for the State in which the collision occurred during the applicable guarantee period; (b) automobile insurance and documentation that the insurer found Student to be at-fault; and (c) a police report showing that Student was deemed to be “at-fault” for a collision occurring within the applicable Worry Free Guarantee period to SWERVE by mailing copies of each to: The Driver Training Group, 45 Front Street, Issaquah Washington 98027
  3. The Worry Free Guarantee shall not apply if the at-fault collision was due, associated with, or related, to illegal activity. The Worry Free Guarantee shall not apply for collisions deemed “shared-fault” by police reports or automobile insurance documentation.
  4. Parent of Student may choose to receive a check refunding 100% of the money paid for the completed programs,  (e.g. The New Driver Training Program); OR Student may re-enroll in additional training of lesser or equal value to the money paid for the New Driver Training Program. If Parent does not select a check refund or re-enrollment within 4 weeks of the Guarantee claim being processed, Parent will be deemed to have selected neither option of (a) check refund or (b) additional training, re-enrollment into a SWERVE program.
  5. For clarity, the Worry Free Guarantee is strictly limited to the tuition cost of the course. It does not extend to any costs, liabilities, or damages associated with or relating to any at-fault collisions, and SWERVE expressly disclaims all liability therefore.
  6. A student is eligible for one refund regardless of the number of incidences that occur in the applicable period. Please allow up to 4 weeks to process the Guarantee Claim.