“I Don’t Need to Drive Much, Why Should I Still Get a License?”

A driver’s license is a must-have if you plan to drive a car at some point in your life. Those who don’t intend to drive may wonder if a driver’s license is necessary. Acquiring a license involves completing a driver’s education course and passing the state’s knowledge test. At GoSwerve, we provide drivers ed Washington State residents can use to learn how to drive. Our courses are customizable and focus on helping you become a better driver.

4 Reasons Why You Still Need a License Even if You Don’t Drive

A driver’s license allows you to drive legally within the state. At GoSwerve, we offer driver’s ed for adults and teens in Washington, California, and Florida. If you don’t drive often, a driver’s license can come in handy in many other situations, including emergencies. You may also need a driver’s license when traveling or entering a club. Here are four reasons why you need a driver’s license, even if you don’t drive that much:

1. For Identification

A driver’s license doubles up as the legal pass for driving in your state and formal identification. You can present your driver’s license in many places that require personal identification information. The license will be your pass to enter clubs and businesses serving alcohol. You can also use the license when boarding a plane. Commercial airlines usually request a driver’s license and travel information before boarding the plane.

Private organizations, businesses, and government offices may also require driver’s licenses. At GoSwerve, we provide state-approved licenses accepted everywhere in the United States. Driver’s license applications involve providing various details needed for your regular ID. A state-issued driver’s license can also be helpful in the following situations:

  • Writing a check
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for government benefits
  • Using a debit or credit card
  • Enrolling in school
  • Applying for a loan

2. For Emergencies

Road accidents and wrecks can leave you badly injured or unconscious. If you cannot communicate with first responders, people at the scene of the crash can search your wallet for any form of identification. A driver’s license will help identify who you are, including your name and address. Hospitals need this information to start the admission process. Police officers also need the details to complete their assessment and report on the accident.

At GoSwerve, we make obtaining a driver’s license effortless through convenient online courses. Your license will be handy in many emergencies, including if you’re injured or need to prove your identity to the authorities. A license qualifies you as a driver, so insurance companies may cover damages you cause due to emergencies.

3. Lost And Found & Organ Donation

Most people keep their driver’s licenses safely inside their wallets, purses, or somewhere close to their bodies. If you lose a wallet or purse and a good Samaritan finds it, your driver’s license can help identify you as the rightful owner. That person can use the driver’s license to identify your name and contact information or reach your family. A driver’s license can also provide answers if you plan to become an organ donor.

If you’re in an accident or pass away unexpectedly, the doctors will know if you’re organs can be used. Organ donors have a universal symbol on their license once they sign up for the program. The emblem can help doctors look up your information and determine the organs to use. 

4. Alcohol & Tobacco Purchases

Alcohol sale is restricted to adults who meet the legal age requirement. Have your driver’s license ready if you want to purchase alcohol or tobacco. Most cashiers and clerks accept the official driver’s license as proof of identification. GoSwerve is your best option when looking for drivers ed courses that residents can leverage to speed up the process of obtaining a license. Our online courses make it simple for adults to learn during the times most convenient for them.

Bars and clubs in Washington, California, Florida, and other regions are keen to avoid selling age-restricted products to minors. Pubs restrict sales to patrons older than 21 and will request formal identification like a driver’s license before they serve drinks and tobacco. The driver’s license provides identification information, including your date of birth, so bartenders can quickly determine if you meet age requirements.

Approved Drivers Ed Washington State Course

Obtaining a driver’s license can help to make your life easier in many ways. You can use the license to drive in the United States, enter restricted areas like bars or clubs, or buy restricted substances like alcohol and tobacco. The license can also act as your formal identification in many situations. At GoSwerve, we strive to be the ultimate destination when searching for Drivers Ed Washington State and Florida. We offer comprehensive driving courses and customizable lessons to help you obtain your license.

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