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Getting your driver?s permit and driver?s license is one of the most freeing feelings in the world! The freedom of your teen having a license is second to none. Of course, before you get them there, they?ll have to go through the appropriate training and education.

Swerve provides the best Florida teen drivers education programs. We know just how much you value your teen?s safety, and we want to equip them with the knowledge and experience they need to avoid accidents and tickets. Our instructors are qualified and experienced educators who can provide the best training when it comes to the dangers of distracted driving and the importance of following all traffic laws.

Interested in enrolling your teen in one of our programs? We offer Florida teen driver?s ed online and in the classroom. The benefits of Swerve?s Florida teen driving school include:

  • Flexible and convenient course schedules
  • Interesting and engaging curriculum
  • Extra-qualified instructors
  • Lessons that build skill and confidence
  • Practical exercises that offer knowledge and road testing

You can enroll your teen in one of our Florida teen drivers ed programs in [ENTER CITIES HERE].

How the Process Works

  • Teen is 15 years old
  • Enroll in a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course
  • Teen graduates new TLSAE course
  • Teen passes FL state knowledge exam
  • When teen is ready, schedule the FL state road exam (Swerve is a state-approved provider)
  • Teen passes road test
  • Teen has held permit for 12 months with no traffic violations, has had 50 hours of practice driving and is 16, proceed to your nearest FL DMV office to get your teen?s license
  • Teen will fall under Florida?s intermediate licensing laws

How to Get My FL Permit

After you have graduated from one of our FL-approved classes, follow these steps to get your permit:

  1. Complete parental consent form.
  2. Schedule an appointment at your local DMV office.
  3. Provide proof of TLSAE course completion, which we provide.
  4. Pass the knowledge test with at least 40 questions correct out of 50.

How to Get My First FL Driver?s License

  1. Complete the TLSAE course or a comprehensive Florida teen driver?s ed course, like the one offered at Swerve.
  2. Pass the FL state written exam.
  3. Pass the FL state road exam.
  4. Hold your permit for at least 12 months with no traffic violations.
  5. Have 50 hours of practice driving (10 hours are required at night).
  6. Be at least 16 years old.


  • How old do I have to be to enroll in new driver training? You can enroll in new driver training in Florida at 14 ? years old.
  • How long is the classroom portion? Florida doesn?t require a set number of hours in the classroom. They only require you to pass a TLSAE course. This requirement may be waived if you take a comprehensive driver?s education course.
  • How many drives does my teen do with an Instructor? 5 drives.
  • What if something comes up and my teen has to miss a class? Regardless of the number of absences your teen has, they?ll still be required to pass the course. If your teen is going to be absent, please talk to an instructor to work out the details of making up the class.
  • What if I am not a teen and want to get my driver?s license? No problem! We also teach adult students. If you aren?t a teen, take a look at our adult driving lessons. We?re happy to help you!

Don?t forget to check out all of the programs we offer by exploring the menu bar. If you have any questions, don?t hesitate to contact us. We can help you with all of your new driver training courses, licenses processes, or any other concerns. Give us a call; we?re happy to help!


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